Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Savings for 6/18/13-6/26/13

Life has thrown me a curve ball.. While I work through it all please visit Harrison's 10for20 Money Savers for your weekly deals! We hope to be up and going soon. A big shout out to the ladies on the 10for20 site for all their hard work!

Here is the link you'll need to head on over:

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Message from Harrison Steals~N~Deals

So for the past year or so life has been hectic. My co-blogger Jessie has graciously taken on the challenge of the blog. And for that I want to say thank you! But times have changed and I feel it is in the best intrest of the blog that I take back my role not only as the Owner and Creator of Harrison Steals~N~deals but as the person responisble for bringing you weekly savings. The page will be taking on a new look and format that I am sure you ALL will love. The lists will be posted every Sunday Morning & Thursday morning (or late Wednesday) for your shopping experiance. I hope you all will be patient as these new changes take effect. Happy Shopping All!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A~Z LIst for 5/21-5/28/13

Hey guys!  Hope everyone is having a great week!
All of us here at Harrison Steals ~n~ Deals have decided that we need a mini vacation.  That being said, we will not be posting a list next week.  We're going to take that time to take a small breather & spend some quality time with our families.  We will be back with a new list June 5!!  If there's any awesome deals that you guys come across, please feel free to share it on the facebook page!
We appreciate your understanding!

CM -HSN*** = 5/24-5/26/13 ONLY

Store Category Item Size Price
Aldis Produce - Fruit Strawberries 1 lb 0.99
Aldis Produce - Fruit Blueberries 1 pint 1.69
Aldis Produce - Fruit Large Seedless Watermelon ea 3.99
Aldis Produce - Veggies Corn Ears 4ct 20oz tray 0.99
Aldis Produce - Veggies sweet onions 2 lb bag 0.79
Aldis Produce - Veggies Avocados ea 0.25
CM HSN Baking Pilsbury Cake OR brownie mix 15.25oz OR 19.5oz 0.99
CM HSN Bread - Buns Hamburger or hot dogs 8ct 0.88
CM HSN Canned - Sides VanCamp's Pork and beans 15oz 0.48
CM HSN Canned - Veg/Fruit BC tomatoes 28oz 0.89
CM HSN Condiments BC salad dressing 16oz 0.99
CM HSN Condiments BC ketchup 40oz 0.99
CM HSN Condiments Kraft Miracle Whip or Mayo 22-30oz 2.99
CM HSN Condiments Mt. Olive sweet relish 8oz 0.99
CM HSN Condiments Red Gold salsa 16oz 1.29
CM HSN Condiments Kraft BBQ sauce 17-18oz 0.89
CM HSN Dairy - Butter BC butter 16oz 1.99
CM HSN Dairy - Cheese BC shredded 32oz 4.99
CM HSN Dairy - Misc Daisy sour cream 16oz 1.89
CM HSN Dairy - Misc Hiland sour cream or dips 16oz 2/$3
CM HSN Drinks BC bottled water 24pk 3/$9
CM HSN Drinks Powerade 32oz 0.88
CM HSN Drinks dasani bottle water 24 pk 3.99
CM HSN Frozen - Sweet Cool Whip 8oz 0.99
CM HSN Meat - Lunch / Sliced Land O Frost Premium meats 16oz 3.59
CM HSN Meat - Misc OM meat or turkey dogs 15-16oz 2/$3
CM HSN Meat - Misc Superior meat hotdogs 12oz 0.59
CM HSN Meat - Pork OM bacon 16oz 2/$5
CM HSN Meat - Pork St. Louis Style ribs per lb 2.49
CM HSN Paper angel soft TP 6-12 rolls 3.99
CM HSN Produce - Veggies russet potatoes 8 lb bag 1.69
CM HSN Seasonal BC charcoal briquettes 7.2 lb bag 2.99
CM HSN Spices, Sugar, Ect... Jello-gelatin or pudding 4 serving 0.67
CM HSN**** Bread - Buns BC Hamburger or hotdog buns 8ct 0.79
CM HSN**** Drinks BC bottled water 24pk 2.69
CM HSN**** Drinks Hiland OJ 64oz 1.68
CM HSN**** Eggs Grade A Large dozen 1.19
CM HSN**** Meat - Beef Ground Beef Whole tube-usually 10lb tube 1.99/lb
CM HSN**** Meat - Misc Superior meat hotdogs 12oz 2/$1
CM HSN**** Meat - Pork OM bacon 16oz 1.99
CM HSN**** Meat - Pork Baby back ribs per lb 2.88
CM HSN**** Seasonal BC hardwood charcoal 18 lb bag 3.48
CVS ADULT (21+) Bud/Miller/Coors 12pk 12oz btls 10.99
CVS Cleaning Dish Soap-Palmolive 10 oz 0.99
CVS Drinks Coke products 2liter 0.99Lm5
CVS Paper Paper Towels-Sparkle 8 roll 5
Dillons ADULT (21+) Bud light, Miller, or Coors 24pk cans 15.29
Dillons Bread - Buns dillons brand 8ct 10/$10
Dillons Bread - Loaf dillons brand 20oz 10/$10
Dillons Breakfast Special K flatbread sandwiches 4ct 4.49
Dillons Canned - Sides VanCamp's Pork and beans 15oz 2/$1
Dillons Canned - Veg/Fruit Bushes baked or grillin beans 21-28oz 3/$5
Dillons Cereal Post 14-25oz 2.69
Dillons Cereal Special K cereal 11-13.6oz 1.99
Dillons Condiments Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce 18oz 10/$10
Dillons Condiments Kraft salad dressing 16oz 2
Dillons Condiments Kraft BBQ sauce 17.5-18oz 10/$10
Dillons Condiments Hunt's ketchup 24oz 10/$10
Dillons Dairy - Cheese Kroger brand cheese-shred, chnk, or slice 6-8oz or 16ct 3/$5
Dillons Dairy - Cheese Kroger brand cream cheese 8oz 10/$10
Dillons Dairy - Misc Kroger brand sour crm or dips 16oz 10/$10
Dillons Drinks Coke, Pepsi, or 7up 12pk cans 4/$12
Dillons Drinks Kroger brand bottle water 24pk 2/$5
Dillons Drinks Gatorade 32oz 0.88
Dillons Drinks Country time, Koolaid, or Tang drink mixes 10-12ct or 6-8qt 10/$10
Dillons Frozen - Fruits/Veggies Green Giant Valley steamers 11-12oz 2/$4
Dillons Frozen - Meals Amy's entrees 9-11oz 3.39
Dillons Frozen - Snacks Ore Ida potatoes 19-32oz 2.79
Dillons Frozen - Sweet Cool Whip 8oz 10/$10
Dillons Frozen - Sweet Edy's Ice cream 48oz 2.99
Dillons Frozen - Sweet Nestle or Edy's frozen treats 4-60ct 2.99
Dillons Health & Beauty Dial bar or liquid hand soap 2ct or 7.5-9.37oz 0.88
Dillons Laundry Arm and Hammer det 60use 2.99
Dillons Meat - Beef Ribeye Steak per lb 6.99
Dillons Meat - Beef Flat iron steaks per lb 5.99
Dillons Meat - Misc Bar S Franks 12oz 0.75
Dillons Meat - Pork Johnsonville Brats or Ital. Saus. 19oz 3.49
Dillons Produce - Fruit Whole seedless watermelon Large-15lb average 4.49
Dillons Produce - Fruit apples-gala, fuji, red, or Gld Del per lb 0.99
Dillons Produce - Fruit Broccoli crowns per lb 0.99
Dillons Produce - Veggies baby carrots 1 lb 0.99
Dillons Seasonal Kingsford Charcoal 12.5-16.6 lb bag 6.99
Dillons Snacks Lay's chips or Lay's kettle 9.5-10.5 or 8-8.5 2/$4
Dillons Snacks Cheese its 10.5-14oz 2.69
Dillons Snacks Cheetos 8.7-9.7oz 2/$5
Dillons Snacks Special K bars or crisps 5-10ct 1.99
Dillons Snacks Special K Chips or crackers 4-8oz 1.99
Edwards Breakfast Kellogg's Cereal 12.2-15 oz 2/$5
Edwards Canned - Meat SPAM Luncheon Meat 12 oz 2.49
Edwards Canned - Sauce Silver Dollar City BBQ Sauce 18 oz 0.79
Edwards Canned - Veg/Fruit Van Camp's  Pork & Beans 15 oz 2/$1.00
Edwards Canned - Veg/Fruit Red Gold Canned Tomatoes 10-15 oz 3/$3
Edwards Canned - Veg/Fruit Ranch Style Beans 15 oz 0.79
Edwards Canned - Veg/Fruit Bush's Baked Beans or Grillin Beans 21-28 oz 2/$4
Edwards Condiments Hunt's Ketchup 24 oz Squeeze 0.99
Edwards Condiments Best Choice Salad Dressing 16 oz 0.89
Edwards Condiments Vlassic Pickles 16-32 oz 2/$4
Edwards Condiments Miracle Whip or Kraft Mayo 30 oz 2.99
Edwards Condiments Kraft Salad Dressing or Sizzlin Salad Kits 12-16 oz 1.99
Edwards Condiments A1 Steak Sauce 10 oz 2/$5
Edwards Dairy - Cheese Kraft Cubes, Shredded , Crumbles, Melts, Chunks, or Cracker Cuts 5-8 oz 2/$4
Edwards Dairy - Cheese Kraft Cheese Singles 10.7-12 oz 2/$4
Edwards Dairy - Cheese Kraft American Cheese Singles 12 oz 2/$5
Edwards Dairy - Misc Blue Bunny Ice Cream 56 oz 2/$5
Edwards Dairy - Misc Cool Whip Topping 8 oz 0.99
Edwards Dairy - Misc Daisy Sour Cream 16 oz 1.79
Edwards Dairy - Misc Daisy Cottage Cheese 16 oz 1.99
Edwards Drinks Best Choice Water 24 pk half liter bottles 2/$5
Edwards Drinks V8 Splash Drinks 64 oz 2/$4
Edwards Drinks Kool Aid, Country Time , or Tang Drink Mix 6-8 quarts 2/$4
Edwards Drinks Kool Aid Drink Mix 2 quart 10/$1.00
Edwards Frozen - Sweet Mrs. Smith Frozen Pies 37 oz 3/$10
Edwards Meat - Beef Ball Parks  Beef Franks 16 oz 3/$4
Edwards Meat - Beef Ground Chuck Family Pack lb 2.49
Edwards Meat - Beef Boneless Ribeye Steaks lb family pack 7.99
Edwards Meat - Beef Johnsonville Brats or Smoked Sausage 12-14 oz 1.99
Edwards Meat - Lunch / Sliced Osacar Meyer Weiners 14-16 oz 0.99
Edwards Meat - Lunch / Sliced Oscar Mayer Variety Lunchmeat 9-12 oz 2/$5
Edwards Meat - Lunch / Sliced Oscar Meyer Lunch Meat 16 oz 2/$5
Edwards Meat - Lunch / Sliced Bar S Hot Links 1.5 lb 3.79
Edwards Meat - Lunch / Sliced Bar S Beef Franks 1 lb 2/$4
Edwards Meat - Lunch / Sliced Bar S Bologna or Cotto Salami 8-12 oz 0.99
Edwards Meat - Pork Pork Steaks Family Pack lb 1.29
Edwards Meat - Pork Johnsonville Brats or Italian Sausage 17.63-19 oz 2.88
Edwards Meat - Pork Cook's Ham Portions lb 1.29
Edwards Meat - Pork Country Style Pork Ribs lb family pack 1.69
Edwards Meat - Pork Hormel Tenderloins 1.1-1.7 lb 3.99
Edwards Meat - Poultry Split Chicken Breasts lb family pack 1.29
Edwards Misc Items Pillsury Cake Mix  or Brownie Mix 15.25-19.5 oz 0.99
Edwards Misc Items Zatarain's New Orleans Mix 7-8.8 oz 3/$5
Edwards Pasta - Dry Ronzoni or American Beauty Pasts 12-16 oz 0.99
Edwards Pasta - Dry Knorr Pasta Sides 3.8-5.9 oz 10/$10
Edwards Pasta - Dry Kraft Homestyle Deluxe or Velveeta Dinners 3.6-14 oz 2.29
Edwards Produce - Fruit Whole Seedless Watermelon each 3.99
Edwards Produce - Fruit Cantaloupes each 2.99
Edwards Produce - Veggies Best Choice Russett Potatoes 8 lb 1.29
Edwards Produce - Veggies Bi-Color Sweet Corn each 7/$2
Edwards Produce - Veggies Dole Garden Salad or Coleslaw Mix 12-14 oz 0.99
Edwards Produce - Veggies Tomatoes on the vine lb 1.29
Edwards Produce - Veggies Bell Pepper Red, Yellow, or Orange each 1.29
Edwards Produce - Veggies Portabella Mushrooms lb 3.29
Edwards Produce - Veggies Sweet Vidalia Onions lb 0.79
Edwards Seasonal Best Choice Charcoal 18 lb bag 3.99
Edwards Snacks Lay's Potato Chips 9.5-10.5 oz BOGO
Edwards Snacks Pringles Chips 2.32-6.63 oz 2/$3
Edwards Snacks Ritz's Crackers 7.5-15.1 oz 2/$5
Edwards Snacks Nabisco Snack Crackers 5.5-10 oz 2/$4
Edwards Snacks Kraft Easy Cheese 8 oz 3.49
Edwards Snacks Townhouse Crackers or Flatbread Crisps 9.5-16 oz 2/$5
Edwards Snacks Club Crackers 11-16 oz 2/$5
Edwards Snacks Doritos Tortilla Chips 10-11.5 oz 2/$5
Edwards Meat - Lunch / Sliced Bar S Bologna 2.5 lb 3.79
Edwards Meat - Lunch / Sliced Bar S Deli Style Ham or Turkey 14-16 oz 2.99
Edwards Meat - Pork Pork Spare Ribs Family pack lb family pack 1.99
Edwards Meat - Pork Double G  Ham Slices lb 1.49
Edwards Produce - Fruit Strawberries 2 lb 3.99
Edwards Produce - Fruit Pineapple each 2.99
Edwards Snacks Bar S Corn Dogs 3 lb 3.99
Family Dollar Cleaning Hefty Outdoor Trash Bags 13-29ct 5
Family Dollar Drinks Hawaiian Punch 128oz 2.00Lm6
Fred's Canned - Meat Armour Vienna Sausages 5 oz 2/$1
Fred's Canned - Pasta Chef Boyardee Pasta Meals 15 oz 1
Fred's Cleaning Ajax or Palmolive Dish Liquid 14 oz 0.85
Fred's Cleaning Clorox Bleach 64 oz 2
Fred's Condiments Hunts Tomato Ketchup each 1
Fred's Condiments French's Yellow Mustard 20 oz 1.5
Fred's Condiments Welch's Grape Jelly Squeeze or 2 lb jar 2
Fred's Condiments Jif Peanut Butter Creamy or Crunchy 18 oz 3.25
Fred's Drinks Pepsi 12 pk 3/$10
Fred's Drinks Sunny D Juice 48 o 1
Fred's Drinks Gatorade Drinks 32 oz 1
Fred's Laundry Purex Fabric Softener 100 oz 3
Fred's Laundry Purex Laundry Detergent 50 load liquid, 26 ct packs 4
Fred's Meat - Lunch / Sliced Armour Hot Dogs each 1
Fred's Paper Glad Trash Bags 30-34ct 13 gallon,27-30 ct 13 gal/13 ct 39 gal 5
Fred's Paper Charmin Basic Bath Tissue 12 Double Rolls 5
Fred's Pasta - Dry Maurchan Ramen Noodles 12 pkl 2.25
Fred's Snacks Lay's Potato Chips & Doritos Chips each 2/$5
Fred's Snacks Moon Pie Snacks 6 pk minis or 3 pk double deckers 1
Harts Condiments Salad Dressing-BC 16oz 0.89
Harts Frozen - Sweet Cool Whip 8oz 0.89
Harts Meat - Misc Johnsonville Brats/Smkd Sausage 12-14oz 1.99
Harts Meat - Pork Pork Steak per lb 1.29
Harts Meat - Pork Ribs-Country Style per lb 1.49
Harts Meat - Pork Hormel Pork Tenderloin 1.1-1.7lb 3.99
Harts Misc Items Charcoal-BC 18lb bag 3.99
Harts Produce - Veggies Vidalia Onions per lb 0.79
HH-Hollister Baking Brownies-Betty Crocker 19.9oz 0.99
HH-Hollister Bread - Refrid. Grands Biscuits 16oz 0.99
HH-Hollister Canned - Pasta Spaghetti O's 15oz 0.79
HH-Hollister Cereal Malt o Meal 19-21oz 1.99
HH-Hollister Condiments BBQ Sauce-KC Masterpiece 18oz 0.99
HH-Hollister Condiments Ketchup-BC 24oz 0.69
HH-Hollister Condiments Salad Dressing-kraft 14-16oz 1.49
HH-Hollister Condiments Pickle Relish-BC 8oz 0.99
HH-Hollister Dairy - Cheese Shreds/Chunk/Cube-Kraft 8oz 1.99
HH-Hollister Drinks Pepsi Products 2liter 0.99
HH-Hollister Drinks Coke products 12pk 2.99
HH-Hollister Drinks Kool Aid Drink Mix 2qt pkt 0.09
HH-Hollister Drinks OJ-Hiland gallon 2.99
HH-Hollister Drinks Capri Sun 10pk 1.99
HH-Hollister Drinks 7UP/RC/A&W/Sunkist 2liter 0.99
HH-Hollister Drinks Minute Maid Lemonade/Peach 59oz 0.59
HH-Hollister Drinks Dr Pepper 24pk 5.99
HH-Hollister Drinks Pepsi Products 12pk 2.99
HH-Hollister Meat - Beef Chuck Patties 10ct pkg 7.99
HH-Hollister Meat - Beef Rump Roast per lb 2.99
HH-Hollister Meat - Beef Rump Roast per lb 2.99
HH-Hollister Meat - Beef Ground Chuck per lb 2.99
HH-Hollister Meat - Lunch / Sliced Deli Shaved Lunchmeat-OM 7-9oz 2/$5(2.50)
HH-Hollister Meat - Misc Hormel Bacon Pieces each 0.99
HH-Hollister Meat - Misc Premium Meat/Turkey Franks-OM 16oz 4/$5(1.25)
HH-Hollister Meat - Seafood Raw Shrimp-BC 16oz pkg 5.99
HH-Hollister Misc Items Zatarain's Rice-Red Bn/Jmblya 8oz 0.99
HH-Hollister Misc Items Taco Shells-Old El Paso 12ct 0.99
HH-Hollister Misc Items Ice cream Cones-BC 12ct 0.99
HH-Hollister Misc Items Peanut Butter-Peter Pan 18oz 1.99
HH-Hollister Misc Items Charcoal-BC 18lb 4.99
HH-Hollister Misc Items Charcoal INstant Light-BC 7.2lb 4.45
HH-Hollister Produce - Fruit Watermelon each 3.99
HH-Hollister Produce - Fruit Apples-Red Delicious per lb 0.99
HH-Hollister Produce - Veggies Class Salad/Cole Slaw Mix-Dole 12/14oz 0.79
HH-Hollister Produce - Veggies Roma Tomatoes per lb 0.89
HH-Hollister Snacks Pop Tarts 8ct 1.99
HH-Hollister Spices, Sugar, Ect... Sugar-BC 10lb 3.99
HH-Spgfld Breakfast Hormel Black Label Bacon 16oz BOGO@6.99
HH-Spgfld Dairy - Misc Philadelphia Cream Cheese 8oz 1.69
HH-Spgfld Meat - Lunch / Sliced Bologna/Salami-OM 14-16oz 0.99
HH-Spgfld Meat - Pork Hormel Pork Tenderloin/Loin Filet 1.15-1.7lb BOGO@9.99
HH-Spgfld Misc Items Charcoal-BC 9lb bag 2.99
Hudsons Bread - Buns Hamb/Hot Dog Buns-BC 8ct 0.79
Hudsons Canned - Veg/Fruit Bush's Grillin/Baked Beans 21-28oz 3/$5
Hudsons Condiments BBQ Sauce-Kraft 18oz 0.89
Hudsons Dairy - Butter Butter-BC 16oz 1.89
Hudsons Dairy - Cheese Kraft singles 10.7-12oz 2/$4
Hudsons Dairy - Misc Sour Cream/Dip-Hiland 16oz 3/$4
Hudsons Dairy - Misc Soy Milk-BC 64oz 2.29
Hudsons Drinks OJ-Hiland 1/2 gal 2/$3
Hudsons Drinks Bottled Water-BC 24pk 2/$5
Hudsons Frozen - Sweet Cool Whip 8oz 0.79Lm2w/$10pc
Hudsons Frozen - Sweet Mrs Smiths Cobblers 32oz 3.69
Hudsons Meat - Misc Bar S Meat Franks 12oz 0.68Lm4
Hudsons Meat - Pork Ribs-Baby Back/St Louis Style per lb 2.68
Hudsons Meat - Poultry Chicken leg quarters per lb 0.88
Hudsons Produce - Fruit Watermelon-Seedless each 4.99
Hudsons Produce - Fruit Strawberries 1lb 3/$5
Hudsons Produce - Fruit Lemons each 5/$1(.20ea)
Hudsons Produce - Veggies Bi Color Sweet Corn ear 12/$4
Hudsons Produce - Veggies Avocados each 0.69
Hudsons Produce - Veggies Baking Potatoes per lb 0.29
Hyvee Canned - Sides Bushes baked or grillin beans 21-28oz 1.58
Hyvee Condiments Hellman's Mayo 22-30oz 2.99
Hyvee Drinks Coke or 7up products 12pk cans 4/$10
Hyvee Drinks Gold Peak Tea 59oz 2/$4
Hyvee Drinks Pepsi Products 12pk cans 4/$10
Hyvee Frozen - Sweet Hyvee brand ice cream 1.75qt 1.88
Hyvee Laundry Purex 150oz 4.99
Hyvee Meat - Beef New York strip steak per lb 6.99
Hyvee Meat - Misc OM meat hotdogs 14-16oz .98 Lmt 2
Hyvee Meat - Pork Ecrich smoked sausage 13-14oz 2/$5
Hyvee Misc Items Energizer Batteries-AA, AAA, C, D, 9V 1-4ct 3/$8
Hyvee Misc Items Hyvee brand crystal plastic utensils 24ct 0.99
Hyvee Paper Charmin Basic TP 12 double rolls 4.99
Hyvee Paper Bounty Basic 8reg or 6 big rolls 4.99
Hyvee Pets Purina dog chow 16.5-18.5 lb 12.49
Hyvee Pets Friskies cat food 16 lb bag 11.99
Hyvee Produce - Veggies Dole salad blends or ceasar kits 5-12oz 3/$5
Hyvee Snacks Lay's, Lay's Kettle, or Tostino's cantina chips 8-12oz 1.88
Kmart Drinks Pepsi Products 24pk 2/$11
Kmart Drinks Pepsi Products 2liter 1
Kmart Drinks Maxwell House Coffee 10.8-11.3oz 2.5
Kmart Drinks Capri Sun 100%/Super V 10pk 2.5
Kmart Paper TP-Angel Soft 24reg/12dbl roll 4.99
Kmart Paper Paper Towels-Sparkle 8 roll 4.99
Kroger Condiments Heinz Ketchup 38oz 1.99
Kroger Dairy - Misc Yoplait yogurt 4-6oz 0.49
Kroger Drinks Lipton Ice tea bags 24ct 1.48
Kroger Frozen - Fruits/Veggies Pictsweet corn on the cob 6ct 0.99
Kroger Frozen - Meals Freschetta or Red Baron Pizzas 16-30.6oz 3.99
Kroger Frozen - Sweet Popsicle frozen treats 6-8ct 10/$10
Kroger Health & Beauty Speed stick or lady speed 2pk 2.88
Kroger Meat - Beef Tri Tips per lb 5.99
Kroger Meat - Misc Ball Park Franks 16oz 1.49
Kroger Meat - Pork Bone in pork shoulder per lb 0.88
Kroger Meat - Pork Pork back or St. Louis Style ribs per lb 2.77
Kroger Meat - Pork Pork spareribs per lb 1.99
Kroger Meat - Poultry Drums or thighs per lb 0.99
Kroger Produce - Fruit Dole or Fresh Sel. Coleslaw 10-16oz 0.99
Kroger Produce - Veggies Cucumbers ea 0.33
Marvins Canned - Veg/Fruit Pork n Beans-Van Camps 15oz 0.39Lm2
Marvins Drinks Pepsi Products 12pk 4/$11(2.75)
Murfins Dairy - Butter Hiland butter 1 lb 1.59 Lmt 1
Murfins Drinks Pepsi Products 2L .69 Lmt 1
Murfins Drinks Red Diamond Tea gallon 1.88 Lmt 1
Murfins Drinks Dr Pepper 24pk cans 5.99
Murfins Drinks Sprite 12pk cans 3/$9
Murfins Frozen - Meals Red Baron pizzas 14.25-23.45oz 3/$10
Murfins Frozen - Sweet Cool Whip 8oz 0.89
Murfins Frozen - Sweet Mrs Smith's pies 37oz 3/$10
Murfins Meat - Pork Williams sausage-patties, links, or rolls 12-16oz 1.89 Lmt 1
Murfins Meat - Pork Country style ribs per lb 1.49
Murfins Meat - Pork Spare ribs per lb 2.19
Murfins Meat - Pork Pork steaks bone in per lb 1.29
Murfins Meat - Poultry Louis Rich Smoke Turkey Sausage 14oz 2/$3
Murfins Produce - Fruit pineapple ea 1.49 Lmt 1
Price Cutter ADULT (21+) Beer-Keystone Ice/Light 30pk cans 12.99
Price Cutter Dairy - Misc Sour Cream/Dip-Hiland 16oz 2/$3
Price Cutter Drinks Coke products 12pk 3/$8
Price Cutter Drinks Tea-Red Diamond gallon 2.29
Price Cutter Frozen - Sweet Hiland Family Pak Ice Cream 4qt 4.99
Price Cutter Laundry Arm & Hammer deteretn 25-32use 2.99
Price Cutter Meat - Beef Ribeye Steaks per lb 6.99
Price Cutter Meat - Misc BallPark Meat Franks 16oz 1.5
Price Cutter Meat - Misc Johnsonville Fresh Brats 19.76oz 2.99
Price Cutter Misc Items Charcoal-BC twin pack 2 18lb bags 5.99
Price Cutter Misc Items Hefty Plates/Bowls/Cups 20-60ct 3/$5
Price Cutter Snacks Chips-Lays 9.5-10.5oz 1.87
Save A Lot Condiments Miracle Whip-Kraft 30 oz 2.69
Save A Lot Condiments BBQ Sauce-Kraft 17.5oz 0.88
Save A Lot Dairy - Cheese Cheese Singles- Bordens 12oz 2.49
Save A Lot Meat - Beef T Bone Steaks per lb 4.49
Save A Lot Meat - Pork Sirloin Chops Boneless per lb 1.99
Save A Lot Produce - Fruit Watermelon-Seedless each 3.99
Save A Lot Produce - Veggies Baby Carrots 1lb bag 0.99
Save A Lot Produce - Veggies Sweet Corn ear 0.33
Target Condiments French's Yellow Mustard 14 oz 1.25
Target Drinks Pepsi Products 12 pks 4/$11
Walgreens ADULT (21+) Budweiser/Bud Light 18pk 12oz cans 13.99
Walgreens Baby Little Swimmers 10-12pk 6.99
Walgreens Cereal General Mills 9-12.8oz 2
Walgreens Cleaning Comet Cleaner 14oz 2/$1
Walgreens Dairy - Misc Milk gallon 3.49Lm2
Walgreens Drinks K Cups (Grn Mtn/Folgers/MW House) 12pk 5.99
Walgreens Drinks 7UP/RC/A&W/Sunkist 12pk 4/$10.92Lm4
Walgreens Drinks 7UP/RC/A&W/Sunkist 2liter 1.00Lm3
Walgreens Misc Items OFF Insect Repellant 1-6oz spray/pump 3.99
Walgreens Misc Items OFF Clip On Refills 2pk 3.99
Walgreens Misc Items OFF Towelettes 12pk 3.99
Walgreens Misc Items Kingsford Charcoal Orig/Match Lite 8.3lbs/6.7lbs 5.49
Walgreens Paper Paper Towels-Viva 6roll 4.99
Walgreens Snacks Mars/Dove Candy 1.14-1.92oz 0.59Lm6