Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A~Z List for 7/10-7/17/12 by Holly & Jessie

Wow!  Over 150 items this week!  I think that this is the biggest list we've ever done!  Must be some good sales!
Just fyi, 99% of the items in these lists can be price matched at Wal-Mart.  Some things cannot.  IE: the peaches/plums/nectarines from Aldis.   We include these on the list just in case you want to go to that store.  Just remember, it has to be sold in the same incriments.  IE: pound for pound, ounce for ounce, each, ect.   If you have a question about Wal-Mart's price match policy, we have it posted on the Crazy Couponers of Harrison's Facebook page!    And PLEASE, do NOT try to comp the case of water from Hudson's for .11!  That is PER BOTTLE (sold in cases of 35), not per case!  :)

Please note the 'limited day sales'.  They are marked with "***".
Summerfresh***=Friday 7/13 ONLY
CM HSN***= 7/12-7/14 ONLY
Hyvee***= Friday 7/13 ONLY

As always, if you have anything to add, please feel free to in the comments section!  


Store Category Item Size Price
Aldi Produce - Fruit Peaches/plums/nectarines each 0.25
Aldi Produce - Fruit Pineapple each 1.29
Aldi Produce - Fruit Strawberries 16oz 0.99
Aldi Produce - Fruit Honeydew each 1.29
Aldi Produce - Fruit Blueberries pint 1.29
Aldi Produce - Fruit Cherries 16oz 1.29
CM-HSN Canned - Pasta Spaghetti Rings-BC 18oz 0.59
CM-HSN Canned - Sauce Tomato sauce-BC 8oz 0.25
CM-HSN Canned - Sides Beans-Mex/Pinto/Kidny-BC 15oz 0.5
CM-HSN Canned - Veg/Fruit Corn/peas/grn bns-BC 15oz 0.5
CM-HSN Canned - Veg/Fruit Applesauce-BC 24oz 1.19
CM-HSN Canned - Veg/Fruit Applesauce-BC 6pk 4oz 1.19
CM-HSN Condiments Mustard-BC 8oz 0.5
CM-HSN Condiments Ketchup-BC 24oz 0.99
CM-HSN Dairy - Cheese Shred cheese 8oz 1.39
CM-HSN Dairy - Cheese Deli sliced cheese-BC 6oz 1.69
CM-HSN Drinks Folgers Cntry Roast 34.5oz 6.99
CM-HSN Meat - Beef Ground beef per lb 1.99
CM-HSN Meat - Pork Boston butt pork roast per lb 1.69
CM-HSN Meat - Poultry Leg quarters per lb 0.69
CM-HSN Meat - Poultry Fryer thighs per lb 1.19
CM-HSN Misc Items Charcoal-BC 18lb 3.99
CM-HSN Misc Items Vegetable Oil-BC 32oz 1.99
CM-HSN Misc Items Soft tortillas-BC 10ct 0.99
CM-HSN Misc Items Hefty foam plates 50ct 1.39
CM-HSN Produce - Veggies Russet potatoes 10lb bag 2.88
CM-HSN Produce - Veggies Lettuce head 0.99
CM-HSN*** Meat - Beef Ribeye per lb 6.79
CM-HSN*** Meat - Pork Sausage-Tn Pride 1lb 2
CM-HSN*** Meat - Seafood Fish Stix-Fisher Boy 8oz 1.29
CM-HSN*** Meat - Seafood Fish Stix-Fisher Boy 16oz 1.99
Dillons Bread - Refrid. Grands/Cresc/Cn rolls 4-5ct 1
Dillons Canned - Sauce Pasta Sauce-Prego 23.2-24oz 1.49
Dillons Canned - Veg/Fruit Fruit-Del Monte 14.5-15oz 0.99
Dillons Cereal Quaker 12.5-14oz 1.79
Dillons Condiments Mayo/MW-Kraft 22-30 oz 2.49
Dillons Dairy - Cheese Cheese-Kroger 6-8oz/12oz 1.79
Dillons Dairy - Misc Milk-Dillons 1/2gal 1.5
Dillons Dairy - Misc Milk-Dillons 1/2gal 1.5
Dillons Dairy - Misc Cream cheese-Philly 8oz 0.99
Dillons Dairy - Misc Sr Cream/Ctg Chz-Daisy 16oz 1.69
Dillons Drinks Pepsi products 2liter 0.99
Dillons Drinks Vitamin water 20 oz 0.5
Dillons Drinks Coffee-Maxwell House 31-34.5oz 6.99
Dillons Drinks OJ-Tropicana 59oz 2.79
Dillons Drinks Fuze 16.9-18.5oz 0.79
Dillons Frozen - Meals Stouffer's/Lean cuisine 6-20 oz 1.88
Dillons Frozen - Meals Pizza-Red Baron 5-23oz 2.49
Dillons Frozen - Meals Pza-Tony's Orig Crust 12.64-17oz 1.49
Dillons Frozen - Sweet Ice Cream-Edy's 48oz 2.99
Dillons Meat - Pork Spare ribs per lb 1.79
Dillons Meat - Poultry Chk breast-boneless per lb 1.88
Dillons Misc Items Crayons-Crayola 24ct .29Lmt10
Dillons Misc Items Bic Cristal Pens 10ct 0.89
Dillons Misc Items Scotch tape disp/Post its single 0.99
Dillons Snacks Pringles 6.3oz 0.99
Dillons Snacks Chips-Ruffles/tostitos 8.5-13oz 2.49
Dillons Snacks Cookies-Chips Ahoy 8.8-16oz 1.99
Dillons Snacks Doritos 10.5-11.5oz 1.99
Dillons Snacks Chex mix/bugles/grdetos 6-8.75oz 1.49
Edwards Canned - Sauce Pasta Sauce-Hunts 24oz 1
Edwards Cereal Krunchy nut/Fiber Plus 10.8-15.5oz 2.5
Edwards Drinks Coffee-BC 34.5oz 5.68
Edwards Meat - Beef Ground chuck 80% per lb 1.99
Edwards Meat - Pork Spare ribs-cntry style per lb 1.89
Edwards Meat - Poultry Chk breast bnls sknls-BC 3lb bag 4.99
Edwards Meat - Poultry Chk drumstix/thighs per lb 0.99
Edwards Pasta - Dry Pasta-Ronzoni 12-13.25oz 0.99
Edwards Produce - Veggies Tomatoes per lb 0.99
Harps Feminine Care Pads/liners/tampons-Kotex 14-64ct 2.5
Harps Health & Beauty Deoderant-Arm&Hmr 2.6-2.8oz 1
Harps Health & Beauty Deoderant-Arrid 2.7-2.8oz 1
Harps Oral Care Toothpaste-Aquafrsh 6-6.4oz 1.5
Harps Oral Care Toothpaste-Crest 4.6oz 1
Harps Pasta - Dry Ronzoni/American beauty 12-16oz 1
Harps Pasta - Dry Deluxe shells & chz-BC 12-14oz 1
Harps Pasta - Dry Betty crocker helpers 4.3-9.2oz 1
Harps Snacks Snack crackers-BC 8-10oz 1
HH-Hollister Canned - Sides Pork n beans-BC 15oz 0.39
HH-Hollister Canned - Veg/Fruit Applesauce-BC 6pk 0.99
HH-Hollister Cereal Cereal-Malt o Meal 18-21oz 1.99
HH-Hollister Cereal Frt lps/Pops/Rc Kris/Ap Jax 12oz 1.99
HH-Hollister Dairy - Misc Milk-BC 2% gallon 2.99
HH-Hollister Dairy - Misc Milk-BC Skim gallon 2.79
HH-Hollister Laundry Era liquid 50 oz 2.99
HH-Hollister Laundry Xtra liquid 50 oz 1.99
HH-Hollister Produce - Fruit Apples-Granny smith per lb  0.99
HH-Hollister Produce - Veggies Bell peppers-Red/grn each 0.5
HH-Hollister Produce - Veggies Broccoli crowns per lb 0.99
HH-Hollister Snacks Candy bars-Mars reg size .29Lmt20
HH-Spgfld Bread - Refrid. Biscuits-BC 12oz 0.79
HH-Spgfld Cereal Raisin Bran 18.7oz 2.5
HH-Spgfld Cereal Cereal-Post 13-24oz 2.5
HH-Spgfld Dairy - Cheese Shred cheese-BC 8oz 1.29
HH-Spgfld Dairy - Cheese American slices-BC 8oz 1.5
HH-Spgfld Dairy - Misc Sour Cream/Dip-Hiland 8oz 0.79
HH-Spgfld Drinks Tea-Red Diamond gallon 2.5
HH-Spgfld Eggs Eggs-BC Lrg dozen 1.00Lmt2
HH-Spgfld Produce - Veggies Yellow onions per lb 0.79
HH-Spgfld Produce - Veggies Cucumbers each 0.5
Hudsons Dairy - Butter AA Butter-Hiland 8oz 1
Hudsons Dairy - Cheese Shred cheese-BC 6-8oz 1.5
Hudsons Dairy - Misc Cottage cheese-Hiland 16oz 3/$4 Lmt3
Hudsons Dairy - Misc Buttermilk-Hiland quart 0.99
Hudsons Drinks OJ-Hiland gallon 2.69
Hudsons Meat - Pork Ribs-Cntry style bone in per lb 1.68
Hudsons Meat - Pork Boston butt pork roast per lb 1.88
Hudsons Meat - Poultry Chicken leg quarters per lb 0.88
Hudsons Pasta - Dry Helper dinners-Bty crckr 4.3-9.2oz 1
Hudsons Produce - Fruit Canteloupe each 3/$5
Hudsons Produce - Veggies Russet potatoes 5lb bag 1.59
HyVee Frozen - Sweet Ice Cream-Edy's 48oz 2.49
HyVee Meat - Beef Bacon wrap srln filet 5oz 2
HyVee Pets Cat food-Iams 5.5-6.8lb 11.99
HyVee**** ADULT (21+) Busch 24pk cans 13.88
HyVee**** Bread - Buns Buns-Wonder 8ct .99Lmt4
HyVee**** Condiments BBQ Sauce-Swt baby rays 18oz 0.99
HyVee**** Drinks 7UP Products 6pk 16.9ozbtls 2
HyVee**** Frozen - Meals Banquet dinners 4.66-10.25oz .69Lmt12
HyVee**** Health & Beauty Suave hair care 22.5/30 oz 1.25
HyVee**** Laundry Gain liquid 50 oz 3.99
Kroger Bread - Loaf Bread/buns-Sara Lee 20 oz/8ct 1.49
Kroger Dairy - Cheese Kraft singles 22-24ct 2.29
Kroger Dairy - Misc Milk-Kroger (inc choc) gallon 2.99
Kroger Drinks Water-Kroger 24pk16.9ozbtls 2.5
Kroger Health & Beauty Old spice/Secret 2.2-3.2oz 1.49
Kroger Meat - Pork Boneless pork loin per lb 1.99
Kroger Meat - Poultry Split Chk Breast per lb 1.29
Kroger Produce - Fruit Peaches per lb 1.19
Kroger Produce - Veggies Fresh green beans per lb 0.99
Kroger Produce - Veggies Yellow/Zucchini squash per lb 0.99
Kroger Snacks Little debbie cakes 6-12ct 4/$5
Murfin's Dairy - Butter Hiland Butter Quarters 1 lb 1.49
Murfin's Dairy - Misc Eggs - BC Med Grd A dozen 0.49
Murfin's Drinks 7up,A&W,Snkst, 2L 0.59
Murfin's Meat - Poultry Bnls Sknls Chicken 3lb bag 3.99
Price Cutter Breakfast Sg biscuit-Ole South 28oz 4.99
Price Cutter Canned - Veg/Fruit Veggies-Libbys 14.5-14.75oz 0.59
Price Cutter Condiments Ketchup-Hunts 24oz 0.99
Price Cutter Condiments BBQ Sauce-Kraft 17.5-18oz 0.79
Price Cutter Frozen - Meals Michelina's dinners 5-10 oz 0.95
Price Cutter Frozen - Sweet Ice Cream-Hiland 56oz 1.29
Price Cutter Meat - Beef Petite Sirloin Steak per lb 3.99
Price Cutter Paper TP-Charmin 9 lrg roll 3.99
Price Cutter Pets Dog food-Iams 15.5-17.5lb 16.99
SummerFresh Canned - Veg/Fruit Veggies - Green Giant 14-15 oz 0.88
SummerFresh Frozen - Fruits/Veggies Potatoes - Ore Ida 16-30oz 2.5
SummerFresh*** Frozen - Meals Hot Pockets 2ct 1.67
SummerFresh*** Produce - Fruit Seedless Watermelon whole 5
Target Drinks Pepsi Products 12 pk cans 3


  1. So is it any Stouffers' Lean Cuisines that are 6-20 ozs.? Your list doesn't say selected varieties... so any?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. The Lean Cuisine is 6-15.3oz & Stouffer's are 6-20oz but yes any of those varieties. The ad doesn't specify one specific kind, just says entrees. Hope that answers your question :)

  3. Does walmart comp anything from aldi?

    1. They will comp their produce if its the same at Walmart. The only thing I know for sure on this list they won't comp is the peaches/plums/nectarines because Walmart sells by the pound not each one.

  4. can corn is only .5 cents at cm?

  5. Harter house has the candy bars 29 cents each with $20.00 Purchase, the last time Harter House had them on sale, Walmart would not honor them

    1. If there is something on the list Walmart will not comp we still include it in case someone wants to go to that particular store & get it.

    2. I was in there this morning and they ARE going to honor the candy, you just have to be sure that you spend the $20.00 before hand. I did not have any issues with it.

    3. Thats great!! I was able to get it last time without a problem but of course I had way more than a $20 purchase. I think it depends on who your cashier is also.

    4. some cashiers @ walmart claim that they cant comp the candy because they paper doesnt specify the size. Which makes no sense to me because its either king size or not and common sense (in my opinion) tells me that its definitly not king size. I use to work for walmart as a cashier and I would comp it because i was not told that i couldnt and nothing in the policy (that i could find) stated that walmart shouldnt comp the candy. I think its going against the policy. If your walmarts like mine then they go against the policy quite often....find u a cahier that isnt gonna give u hard time just because they dont want to comp for you like you shouldnt do comps.

  6. What store is CM-HSN? Thanks a bunch for the lists!!!!!!!

    1. Country Mart Harrison & you are very welcome :)

  7. Where is Murfin's and Hyvee located? I live in and go to the Walmart in Berryville. Thanks for all you do.

    1. Murfin's is in Ozark, Mo & HyVee is in Springfield, Mo

  8. I'm wondering if you have a schedule
    on which you try to publish each new posting.

  9. SuperCynic - I'm not sure I understand your question.

  10. In other words, do you publish each week's new list a certain time and certain day?